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current work

Graduate Student Researcher and Teaching Assistant - University of California Santa Cruz (09/22 - Present)

Participated in and managed multiple research projects towards the purpose of publication relating to GPU synchronization, dynamic work allocation, and memory models. Assisted in administering undergraduate course teaching computer science fundamentals in Python.

past work

GPU Software Intern - Apple (06/23 - 09/23)

Expanded critical features for internal performance tooling as part of Apple Silicon GPU Driver Performance team. Evaluated GPU workloads on emerging architectures and made notable contributions to preexisting work. Participated in cross-architectural heterogeneous performance investigations.

Research Assistant - Tab Lab Seattle University (04/21 - 09/22)

Performed research around active particle systems through the lens of jumping bean moths. Used computer vision and image analysis techniques to collect, process, and analyze data. Wrote up research in publication, currently undergoing review. Facilitation of code organization with various lab projects through GitHub Organization.

Teaching Assistant - Seattle University Computer Science Department (01/20 - 06/22)

Assisted in administering multiple computer science courses at various student levels. Graded assignments in various languages and provided significant out of class help to struggling students.

Automation/API Documentation Intern - Rhino Security Labs (01/20 - 01/22)

Development, debugging, and designing of internal automation tools across various enterprise platforms and web technologies. Documentation and automation using public APIs, using tools such as Postman, Confluence, DigitalOcean, Asana, Lucidchart, and Sharefile. Previous work on custom productivity-oriented plugin for the Elgato Streamdeck for internal use. Set up and troubleshot issues with office hardware.

Development Intern - UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics (07/18-10/18)

Major development work on Adelson Mass Spec System (AMaSS), a web-based tool for analysis of mass spectrometry data. Implementation with jQuery, Bootstrap, Plot.ly, and CGI scripting using Python. Personal work on project includes greenfield work on backend infrastructure, project management, creating dashboard, and organizing code in team repository.

IT Intern - Outpost Games (09/16-11/17)

Performed basic quality assurance testing for ”SOS,” released 2018. Tested issues and reported using JIRA. Assembled computer hardware and acquired new equipment, as well as performed diagnostics on malfunctioning computer equipment. Managed purchases and licensing keys through Google Drive sheets.